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May 30

May 24
“Abusive men come in every personality type, arise from good childhoods and bad ones, are macho men or gentle, “liberated” men. No psychological test can distinguish an abusive man from a respectful one. Abusiveness is not a product of a man’s emotional injuries or of deficits in his skills. In reality, abuse springs from a man’s early cultural training, his key male role models, and his peer influences. In other words, abuse is a problem of values, not of psychology.” Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft (via friendlyangryfeminist)

Apr 9

Mar 30

Mar 23

someone found liberation collective by searching “why all woman are lesbians these days?”

Mar 19

ok so jimmy fallon just showed catherine mackinnon’s “are women human?” on his show and i’m flippin

Mar 14

Mar 1

Feb 15


How Porn Creates the John: Porn, Trafficking and the Social Construction of Masculinity

Take the time this weekend to watch this excellent hour-long lecture.

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Feb 14

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