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Apr 16

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Apr 14
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related videos

Apr 11

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Apr 10

Gary R. Brooks, Ph.D., describes what he observes as a “pervasive disorder” linked to the consumption of soft-core pornography like

He mentions five main symptoms of this:

An obsession with looking at women rather than interacting with
them. This can apply to far more than pornography, including any consumption of the “sexuality-on-tap” culture in which we live; media glorifies and objectifies women’s bodies, thus promoting unreal images of women, feeding male obsession with visual stimulation and trivializing other mature features of a healthy sexual relationship.

An attitude in which women are objects rated by size, shape and harmony of body parts. Sexual fantasy leads to emotional unavailability and dissatisfaction.

The need to validate masculinity through beautiful women.
Women who meet centerfold standards only retain their power as long as they maintain “perfect” bodies and the lure of unavailability; it is very common for a man’s fantasy sexual encounter to include a feeling of manly validation; it is also common for men to feel invalidated by their wives if they have trained their minds and bodies to respond only to the fantasy advances of their dream girl.

The idea that beautiful women are collectibles who show the world who a man is. Pornography reinforces the women’s-bodies-as-trophies mentality.

Fear of True Intimacy:
Inability to relate to women in an honest and intimate way despite deep loneliness. Pornography exalts a man’s sexual needs over his need for sensuality and intimacy; some men develop a preoccupation with sexuality, which powerfully handicaps their capacity for emotionally intimate relationships

Pornography Statistics, 2013 Edition (p. 23-24)

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Apr 9



golden retrievers are the most normcore dog

so i need a golden retriever

or a normcorgi

Apr 8

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golden retrievers are the most normcore dog

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